Sergey Petrossov And JetSmarter Alternative Education

Sergey Petrossov is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Since JetSmarter's launch in 2013, the company has focused on making the booking process as easy as possible — JetSmarter is often compared with Uber for how easy it is to book — and democratizing private aviation by making it more affordable and accessible.
A challenge we faced while growing was that people didn't believe that they could now fly private at the entry level price they were buying into, and now people are able to network with other like-minded people on our jets, make business deals, and fly to places more often than before utilizing our JetShuttles.

How we are going to do it is the next question, but we are taking baby steps to get there.” If JetSmarter is indeed able to make private jet travel more affordable, then that's going to result in a major evolution in the way we as ordinary consumers choose how to travel - which is certainly a rather exciting prospect to look forward to.
Customers pay an annual fee of $15,000 (£11,547; 13,127 euros), which includes access to some flights free of further charges; for an additional cost they can also arrange flights themselves, and in some cases share the cost of these with other members.

It's been a wild few months for Sergey Petrossov, the 28-year-old founder and CEO of JetSmarter, which hopes to be the Uber of private jet service and has gained high-profile investors like the Saudi Royal Family and Jay Z. In December, it garnered a giant $105 million round of financing that pushed the private company's valuation to $1.5 billion.
Marketing has long been atop the list of priorities for successful companies, and that's even truer now given the digital landscape JetSmarter exists in, which is full of advertising channels and opportunities to connect directly with the consumer base.
Prior to the creation of JetSmarter, he focused on two applications that drastically improved the performance of the public - one was a chat service providing assistance to Russian-speaking institutions, and another one was a private jet operator that is based in Southern Florida.

JetSmarter offers a unique business model unlike any other private jet venture. JetSmarter has created an innovative company that provides shared services Sergey Petrossov Miami, Florida. for both customized, on-demand flights and its scheduled JetShuttle services which fly more than 50 routes to three different continents.
Galvez is no longer using his $97,500 JetSmarter membership. In the Sunshine State , Sergey went to high school and while he was there, Petrossov attempted to start a business that distributed car tire rims. People's lifestyles are continuously enhanced by technology, so Petrossov never stops thinking about how to make the most of all of the gadgets and devices that people have at their fingertips.

Before launching JetSmarter, Petrossov co-founded two IT projects: an online chat system for website customer service and a distance-learning platform for Russian-speaking educational institutions. The greater the number of members, Mr Petrossov continues, the greater the number of flights, and the more attractive the proposition becomes to both existing and new customers.
He sold the company when he graduated and pocketed some cash †enough so he could afford to charter jets for fun with friends. While the world of private jets is nothing new, the JetSmarter method is. People are used to calling someone and booking a private charter by signing physical papers.

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